From David’s Vast Library: “The 400 Blows: A Film by Francois Truffaut”


A book recommendation for today: It’s The 400 Blows: a Film by Francois Truffaut from a Screenplay by Francois Truffaut and Marcel Moussy.

Facts: Published by Grove Press in 1969. Edited by The New Yorker‘s David Denby (then, “a recent graduate of the master’s degree program in film at Stanford University”). The series editor is Robert Hughes.

What does it offer? … The full screenplay for The 400 Blows including a chapter devoted to scenes omitted from the film – notably, its original ending. An introduction by Robert Hughes. A collection of articles from Cashiers du Cinema concerning the making of The 400 Blows. Two interviews with Francois Truffaut. Four critical responses to the film. And more than 100 photos, most of which are frame enlargements taken from a non-Cinemascope print of the film.

The book’s objective, writes Hughes, was to offer “information not otherwise readily available concerning the creation and reception of this film” and to “further study how the film relates to the director’s work and/or to film history.”